The principles of Ayurveda.

When we ask ourselves about Ayurrdeva, we must inquire about, What is Ayurveda Medicine? Therefore, we must take into account the multiple aspects that are forming and developing this medicine, in other words, we have that this medicine is nothing more than an ancient and transcendental science that was formulated and developed over time and more than traditional medicine. has provided enough to be accepted now among modern medicine, since we have that although it was started more than five thousand years ago, Ayurveda has now been accepted by the World Health Organization in 2002.

Ayurrdeva, explains or describes being completely united to the cosmos and nature, since being, in other words, is nothing more than the development or channeling of the energies represented in the human as: The body, mind and soul and the senses, also formulating with this base that the human being can be affected by everything that surrounds it, whether it is an animate or inanimate object, since everything is developed from the theory of the energies that surround you that can promote and channel your internal energy .

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